Study Abroad

Fulbright Greece incoming U.S. Fulbright Distinguished Teachers

February 1, 2022 – June 1, 2022

Erin McCarthy, Teacher of Social Studies and Curriculum Facilitator at Greendale Middle School, Greendale, WI.

Project Inquiry: Understanding Educator Mindset to Embrace Cultural Inclusion

Understanding how policy and pedagogy intersect in the classroom to best facilitate teacher mindset shifts to an asset-based view towards refugee and immigrant student inclusion.
What behavior do educators exhibit when they have an asset-based view of inclusive education policies and classroom pedagogy?
What teacher attitudes and dispositions contribute to successful inclusive classroom environments?

2nd UIUC Teacher Education Abroad Program – Greece EDUC 499 course

June 2019 – University of Illinois

14 students + 2 Chaperones will visit the Laboratory of Sociology and Education from the Department of Eduational Policy, Organizational & Leadership (College of Education, University of Illinois) on 3-8 of June 2019.

The theme of this teacher education abroad program  will be Greece: Citizenship, Diversity, Immigration in Education

One of the economic benefits of immigration is that the diversity of the population is enhanced. Diversity, it is argued, enriches the environment in which individuals live and trade and may contribute to greater creativity. What does diversity mean? Do current immigration policies enhance diversity? To the extent that there are gains from diversity, they come through the interaction of individuals from one culture or background with individuals from another. A good partner in the interaction has different skills, has skills that are relevant to one’s own activity, and is a person with whom one can communicate. The curriculum promotes reflection on the value of diverse perspectives about immigrant experiences not only in the United States but in Greece as well as in other nations. The underlying goal is for students to understand that there are various states with a variety of backgrounds. These immigrants and refugees have different reasons for coming to the United States and Greece and have unique stories about their journeys.


  • How has the history of cross-cultural exchange in education and learning influenced the relationship between the refugees and Greek natives?
  • Explore the classroom culture in the Greek Educational System. How is it different form the US Educational System?
  • What does diversity mean in Greece? (i.e., economic diversity, religious diversity, racial diversity?)

1st UIUC Teacher Education Abroad Program,

June 2018 – University of Illinois

The first 3 weeks of June 2018 5 students and 4 professors from the University of Illinois (College of Education) visited the University of Patras in the context of their study abroad program in Greece. The Illinoi team undertook ethnographic research in various education organisations in Patras. Students enganged in intercultural dialogue with undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Intercultural courses supersived by Eugenia Arvanitis. They also took part in the Children’s Festival and the Preconference Forum in Nafplion.