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Intercultural pedagogy in action: Myrsini’s Syrian children come to the University of Patras

 Storytelling the travel of refugees: "Unfairy Tales: Malak and the boat": Pre-school children with educators

Lecture at the Library of University of Patras

C4i "Anti Rumour Campaign" Meeting with future pre-school educators

1st Intercultural Forum in Delphi, October 2015

Prof. Eugenia Arvanitis & Prof. Mary Koutselini: participating in intercultural forum's World Cafe'

Prof. Eleni Skourtou & Prof. Pandelis Kyprianos: 2nd Intercultural Forum's Team Building Event

2nd Intercultural Forum: Getting Together!

2nd Intercultural Forum: Discussing about refugee crisis in Europe with refugees and policy experts

Student Cartoon Contest: "The planet of the other is our planet"
Children’s Art & Exhibition: Local Kindergartens reflect on refugee experience
                                                            Children’s Art & Exhibition: Represent refugees travel from their homeland
                                                  Children’s Art & Exhibition:Local Kindergartens reflect on diversity
Workshop: Reflecting on the use of Cartoons in Education
                                                    Educators participating in the workshop at the library of University of Patras
  Cartoon Artist Michael Kountouris presents his work titled "Europe in Crisis"
                                                        German students attending our intercultural lesson in University of Patras

                                                      Intercultural storytelling: The journey of Syrian refugees to Greece/Europe

                                                   The 7th Children's Festival of the University of Patras: Children crossing the wolrd